Namecheap Report: Nearly half of customers own only one domain

Passing 10 million domain controllers, return to Inc. 5000, the year 2018 can be said is a year marked many of the success of the world-famous domain name – Namecheap.

On this occasion, Namecheap retrieved the data from many years ago (about 10 years), combined with the current statistics to produce a report on achievements as well as figures related to the current operation of the company.

Here are some statistics that I find quite interesting, together reference:

– .US is one of the top three registered domain names from the beginning of January 2017 to June 2018.

Not surprisingly, because this extension is usually offered at a relatively low price, only from $0.88. The interesting thing is that, outside the United States, .US is very popular (always in the top 3) in the countries of Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. .US is also the most popular ccTLD with Namecheap’s Asian customers.

–  In the last 10 years, June was the most active month for Namecheap, followed by October and November.

Up to 46% of Namecheap’s customers own only one domain.

This seems to reflect the true purpose of the company previously shared by CEO Rick Kirkendall: trying to serve multiple customers with a few domains instead of just focusing on one customer with multiple domains.

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