[Cyber Monday] Namecheap continues to discount up to 98%, .COM domain is only $0.88, Email Hosting is only from $0.48

Namecheap has now announced a Big Deal for customers will appear on Black Friday this year. Sale Begins at 12:00 AM EST on Friday, November 23.

Only one more week to Black Friday – the largest shopping festival of the year. I believe everyone is waiting for Namecheap promotions.

Almost every year this provider also offers .COM & .NET domain names with very cheap price, not only new registration but also transfer. Not only that, the related services such as hosting, email, SSL certificates are also great promotional. This year, Namecheap revealed:

  • Domain services will be discounted up to 98%
  • Hosting discount 97%
  • Security services discount 90%
  • Private email discounts up to 95%

That’s great, all over the super promotional price of over 90%.

Update: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals of Namecheap has STARTED. I wish you success!

1. How to get the Namecheap coupon

For each time frame, Namecheap will have a different promotion that includes two deals, and they will announce the deal will take place in the next 4 hours.

Before the promotion takes about 5 minutes, sign in to your Namecheap account, and then go to Get Coupon page.

Wait while the countdown timer is about 2 seconds, press F5 to refresh the coupon page immediately, then click the Get Coupon button as soon as it appears.

Wait while the coupon is on your hands, you can register Domain or Hosting because this coupon can not be used outside of you. The coupon expires 48 hours after Get.

View the coupon details you receive at this page.

Attention: Each promotional period (Black Friday or Cyber Monday) you can only get 01 coupon of a single deal only. So, if you are lucky you can register up to 2 domains for $0.88, or transfer 2 domains for $3.88.

2. Now, what do you need to do to prepare for the Namecheap Black Friday promotion?

Starting on Black Friday 2017, Namecheap has adopted a new way of engaging. Instead of fast registration and payment as soon as the coupon is in effect (this causes the system to overload continuously), now each customer will receive a discount coupon code and will be allowed to register for translation in the next 48 hours.

Our mission is now simpler, just wait for the right deal, get coupons and take orders when there is free time.

However, to get things going smoothly, you still need to prepare now, as follows:

  • Sign up for an account at Namecheap if you do not already have one.
  • Put money into your card or payment account.
  • As soon as the program starts, log in to your account, access the promotion page to catch up on the coupon offer.
  • When the countdown timer is over, simply click the Get Coupon button.

Often a good deal will limit the number of coupons very few and many people want to get, so you need to manipulate quickly.

Go to Namecheap Black Friday Deals page

Program regulation:

  • The limited number of people who sign up faster will be promoted.
  • Limited to one person only get 01 coupon/deal.
  • Coupon incentives will be effective within 48 hours after you receive it.
  • The promotion only applies for the first year. The specific information I will update adds to the next post.

>> Visit Namecheap here.

Black Friday – Cyber Monday, Namecheap only deal for new registration or transfer. If you are looking to extend your domain name, use the 20% discount coupon – FCNC2018COUPON that you have previously introduced, now available.

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