NameSilo surpassed 2 million domain names, doubling in just one year

In just one year, NameSilo has proven itself to be one of the most popular domain name providers by doubling the number of managed domains.

22/8/2017, after 7 years of operation NameSilo has landmarked 1 million registered domain name successfully, listed on the list 1% of the nearly 3,000 domain name providers ICANN reached 1 million domain names and have grown by more than 35% in just 12 months.

One year later, NameSilo continues to be pleased to announce that it has surpassed 2 million domain names. This number is increasing every minute. It is known that the number of domain names continues to increase at a relatively high rate not only thanks to new customers registration but also the transfer from other providers to NameSilo.

In over 2 million domains, the top four extensions were .COM,. NET, .ORG, and .INFO. Domain .COM accounts for over 70% of the total. Specifically:

Order Domain Amount
1 .COM 1,480,951
2 .NET 143,812
3 .ORG 90,635
4 .INFO 43,281

*** The number of domains is updated at the time of writing, see more here.

Over the past year, NameSilo has recorded a lot of changes. In addition to becoming one of the most successful domain name retailers, NameSilo also changed owners for the first time. However, as promised in the announcement, policies are retained, even better. If you notice, you will find that this provider often drops a lot of domain names, with the .COM domain almost always maintained at just $5.99.

Reasonable price, good after-sales policy, enthusiastic support, all the above has created a success for NameSilo – domain name provider almost no aggressive advertising. Customers, especially CouponTree members, certainly contributed to the success of NameSilo today.

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