On the birthday of .CO domain, price registration is only from $0.9

Celebrate the 7th birthday of the .CO domain name, a series of providers launching incentives for .CO domain, price is only from $0.9/year.

.CO is the national domain name for Columbia, officially registered on July 20, 2010. Besides, this extension also represents “COmpany”, “COrporation”, “COmmerce”, or “COmmunity”. After all these seven years, it has become one of the most popular international domain names on the Internet next to .COM and .NET.

To celebrate the 7th birthday of the .CO domain name, you can register unlimited this type of domain, the price is only from $0.9/year, specifically as follows:

Provider Promotion price
Renewal Free Whois Registration link Expiration date
Whois.com $0.98 $29.88 $2.88 Order Now
Uniregistry $1.5 $28.88 Order Now
Hexonet $1.5 $28.00 $2.5 Order Now 28/7/2017
Dynadot $1.99 $24.99 $3 Order Now 28/7/2017
Moniker $1.99 $31.99 Order Now

Note: Promotional price is only applicable for the first year, the renewal fee depends on the supplier, as the table above. Please consider before signing up.

Having fun!

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