.ONLINE became the top 5 new gTLD, surpassing 1 million domain names

Three years and three months in the market, .ONLINE exceeded the milestone of one million registered domain names successfully.

According to statistics from ntldstats.com, currently there are 1,011 million .ONLINE domain names on the system, of which, 59.77% (more than 604,000 domains) are active content.

.ONLINE became Radix’s first new domain, surpassing 1 million domains, formally entered the top five with the largest number of registrations. Topped by .TOP with 3,811 million domains. The second was 2,3,4,4,8,4, followed by the Los Angeles (2,245 million), XYZ (2,220 million) and CLUB (2,516 million).

For Radix, the top 5 new most registered gTLDs in current order are .ONLINE, .SITE, .WEBSITE, .SPACE and .TECH.

By addressing the success and growth potential of the .ONLINE domain, Sandeep Ramchandani, CEO of Radix, said:

Radix’s goal is to provide customers with “the first choice name” when searching for a domain for their online product / service. For a long time, both business and personal users are using domain names that are long, hard to remember and have surplus parts like .COM. While popular keywords always appear when searching the internet is “online”, using the .ONLINE domain name will be the best opportunity.

During the development process, .ONLINE has received strong support from vertical businesses. Louder.Online is an example.

Aaron Agius, Founder and CEO of Louder.Online shared: “We are an SEO company and we have moved the domain from louderonline.com and louderonline.com.au to Louder.Online. As a global company, domain transfers using .ONLINE certainly bring great significance, especially in terms of branding for an online marketing company.”

According to Radix’s internal analysis, 65% of .ONLINE domains are being used by small and medium businesses. To date, .ONLINE has generated more than $ 13 million in revenue, of which $1.5 million comes from Premium Domains.

Please see more information about the progress of .ONLINE here.

To continue to bring the .ONLINE domain name to more and more popular, Radix is actively researching a large-scale marketing campaign aimed at end-users; Expected to be launched in Q1 2019.

.ONLINE domains are regularly promoted by the vendors at very low prices, from only $ 0.88. However, the renewal price is not much incentive, I think if the price extension is lower or preferential, the domain name.ONLINE will be more popular.

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