Overall Hawk Host Review: Should you buy Hawk Host hosting?

It’s nice to come back to see you in a familiar service review post. In this post, I will share with you the Hawk Host review and how to apply for hosting at Hawk Host.

1. About Hawk Host

  • Websitewww.hawkhost.com
  • Address: 710 Tower St South PO Box 50081
  • Phone: 800-859 8803
  • Email: support@hawkhost.com

Hawk Host is a provider of hosting services with very good quality and prestige.

Although not as comparable to other services such as Hostgator or Dreamhost, Hawk Host still has its own place when many customers believe because of the stability, reputation, as well as extreme fast customer support.

Hawk Host was established since 2004 and vigorously develops to the present with a total of 07 datacenters:

  • Dallas, Texas
  • Washington, DC
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Singapore
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Toronto, Canada

With the opening of servers in many places in the world and for speed to say it is very good. Therefore, Hawk Host is pretty much used and loved by webmasters. To sign up for hosting at Hawk Host, you can purchase the following link to get discount:

Register for Hawk Host hosting

2. Hawk Host Review

2.1 Fast access speed

The first point I noticed was that the difference between Hawk Host and other Shared Hosts was SPEED.

When buying hosting for websites, speed of access is always your top concern, right?

Fast load speed will bring the best user experience and help your website rank high when searching on Google.

Geographic distance is the factor that affects the speed of web access. Finding a hosting provider that has servers near our location is not always easy and we also need to pay attention to the price.

Hawk Host is one of the rare hosting providers with servers located in many parts of the world. The speed of access is very fast and very little timeout error when using Hawk Host. In my opinion, the speed of access is an attractive element of Hawk Host for the user.

2.2 Quality of Hawk Host

Hawk Host offers a lot of powerful features that are rarely found in other hosting providers. These features will help you get a WordPress website with the best speed.


Hawk Host Cpanel interface is easy to manage and quite user-friendly. It allows managing and installing WordPress very easily and automatically with just 1 mouse click.

Currently, Hawk Host has deployed cPanel 62 for its entire server.

In addition to increasing the processing speed and usability in cPanel, many other improvements and updates are also added by Hawk Host.

cPanel integrates an auto daily backup manager (R1Soft Backup) that allows you to back up and restore data easily.

Recently, Hawk Host has integrated the JetBackup backup service into cPanel. As a result, installing backup plugins is no longer needed. More importantly, you will use this high-quality backup service for free.

Accelerate website

Currently, Hawk Host is using LiteSpeed instead of Apache server which is popular in many other hosting services. LiteSpeed delivers 900% faster performance when serving static content and 50% faster when handling PHP requests compared to Apache. Even if you install SSL, LiteSpeed is still up to three times faster than Apache.

One point to bear in mind is that LightSpeed supports HTTP/2, which makes you web faster and more secure. Hawk Host also has a great article on LightSpeed quite well, you can see more here.

All HawkHost hosting plans use Memcached, which speeds up the loading of your pages visually. This is because Memcached caches data on RAM.

Finally, Hawk Host allows you to switch to PHP 7. The latest version of PHP also helps improve page speed.

Uptime 99.99%

The uptime at Hawk Host is as high as committed up to 99.99%.

Uptime is the time the server / server is running continuously without problems. Often, the major hosting providers in the world have 99-100% uptime.

Hawk Host guarantees 99.99% uptime for your website.


One impressive point with Hawk Host is the number of server locations you can choose to sign up .

You can switch the location of the host during hosting usage here. For example, when you sign up, you choose a location in Singapore. Then, if you want to switch to a location in Hong Kong, just open the ticket sent to support the Hawk Host and request server support for you. Less than half a day the server has been successfully migrated.

In addition, previously Hawk Host does not support Live Chat but now supports. This allows you to interact with the Hawk Host support team quickly.

Hawk Host Hosting price

Hosting price of Hawk Host is quite cheap and suitable for who have budget not too plentiful.

Let’s say you sign up for a two-year host for $2.99/month. After applying the 30% discount code (always available) you must pay only $2/month.

You can see the features and prices of the two Shared Host plans: Primary and Professional here.

Currently, Hawk Host is offering a 25% discount on all hosting services with a 25% off coupon code.

>>> Refer to the latest Hawk Host coupon codes


Hawk Host Servers running on a fragmented system should help prevent other users from accessing your data.

In addition, Hawk Host integrates DDoS protection, a grid system to help reduce downtime and their servers run on LightSpeed.

Comes with built-in protection features like IP Throttling, Hotlink, access control and more.

Another point I would like to mention is that LightSpeed has HTTP/2 support. This protocol not only secures but also improves the speed of the website by processing multiple concurrent requests simultaneously.

Also, you can activate the free SSL service with Let’s Encrypt right in cPanel. So great!


Hawk Host Hosting is a very good hosting service for webmasters and I highly appreciate. Hawk Host is also very willing to invest the quality of its hosting service by adding a series of powerful features: Memcached, daily backup with JetBackup, Let’s Encrypt SSL.

In conclusion, I estimate Hawk Host is a hosting provider is worth the first choice when you want to buy hosting.

If you have any questions regarding this post, leave a comment!

Have fun!

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