OVH Deals – COM domain price only €1.00, Cloud VPS 50% off

OVH is preparing to run extremely attractive promotions – OVH Deals. Even though the new program has officially started in two days, I still post information soon so that all of you know how to prepare for it.

The most attractive promotions we have:

1.COM domain only €1.00

This is the tradition of OVH, every time there are deals that time has domain promotional. This is the cheapest price ever made at OVH. Limited to the number of sales of 2,000 domains, each customer is limited to one registration only.

2. Cloud VPS discounts up to 50%

OVH’s specialty is VPS because the price here is very cheap, if you want to buy IP, only pay only $3 for the first time, no renewal fee so many people choose to deploy satellite site system.

Unfortunately, OVH is only promoting Cloud VPS and Cloud RAM VPS without the cheaper VPS SSDs.

The 50% discount applies only for the first 3 months, the following months to pay the full price. Comes with the order you can use automatic backup free service, also limited to 3 months.

3. Donate €20 to use Public Cloud

If you are willing to try OVH Public Cloud, you can subscribe email for a chance to receive €20, corresponding to one month of using the lowest B2-7 package with 2 vCores x 2.3 GHz / 7 GB RAM / 50 GB local SSD RAID.

In addition, there are many more deals for Dedicated Server, Web Hosting, Email Hosted Exchange, please refer to the links below:

OVH has many websites for different areas, each site has their own deals and prices. However, log in to a system account on

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