OVH discounts 50% for server in US

After OVH Summit 2018 took place on October 18 in Paris, France, OVH launched a very attractive promotional coupon, discounted 50% dedicated server.

OVH Summit is an annual event for OVH to introduce its full range of products and services in its ecosystem, and to share its vision of the cloud and its strategy for the future.

I have watched this event, while the show took place no promotion, until today to see OVH mention the deal discount.

Discounts up to 50%, applicable to all dedicated server packages located in the US including Vint Hill (VA, USA) and Hillsboro (OR, USA).

When making a payment, remove the 25% coupon added by default and replace it with SUMMIT50 as you will see the discounted price immediately.

I found OVH to record “50% off for 12 billing periods” but did not choose the 12 month subscription period, so it’s likely that the coupon will reduce the server price in 12 months only. After 12 months, full payment will be made.

OVH servers are not limited to bandwidth with a minimum commitment of 250Mbps or 500Mbps bandwidth, support for Free Anti-DDoS, 256 Failover IPs per server, and many customizations.

See details of the program and order here.

Wishing all a happy weekend.

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