OVH expands VPS SSD service to Sydney

After 2 weeks of launching Singapore VPS SSD, OVH has officially launched another location in the Asia-Pacific region, that is Sydney, Australia.

The current price starts at $6 AU ($5 US) for configuring 1vCore 3.5Ghz – 1GB RAM – 30GB SSD – 100Mbps – 1TB bandwidth.

Refer to the all VPS SSD plans here.

Note that these special offers do not have the options of automatic backup or snapshot and can not add additional hard drive capacity. Bandwidth can not be upgraded, if you pass the limit you will be limited port speed to 10 Mbps instead of 100 Mbps.

All VPSs are free 1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6, you can order up to 16 IPs for about $3 AUD/month, location Autralia.

OVH has no Looking glass for this location, but can use the following IP temporarily:

Have you ever used the Sydney location server? I used to and saw the speed pretty well.

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