[Updated] OVH opens first US datacenter

So OVH put its first footprint on the US with its latest datacenter, Vint Hill, located in Washington, D.C., on the west coast. As usual, please register for the Discovery offer.

This time we have two dedicated promotional plans with rates of $99/month and $115/month respectively:

However, in 2 days from February 21st to 23rd, OVH will lower prices for these two plans, the new price as below:

All are LIFE TIME prices.

The West American area provides fast access, not as slow as the East or the EU, so you may want to consider using these plans.

In the US, OVH will provide three cloud services including:

  • Hosted Private Cloud (Enterprise product line based on VMware)
  • Public Cloud (Built on OpenStack)
  • Dedicated Servers (Bare metal cloud)

All will appear on OVHcloud.com after the Discovery beta test ends.

View details and register here.

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