OVH sells VPS in Singapore and Sydney, very cheap prices

OVH’s VPS Public Cloud service was previously deployed in Singapore location but was interrupted for a while. Now, you can register VPS at this location already.

Especially, the current price is very cheap when compared to other suppliers, only $3.5/month you have 2GB of RAM.

Please refer to the detail of plans:

Using Openstack virtualization platform, Singapore VPS location at OVH also supports additional features such as adding storage capacity, adding up to 16 IPs at a low price of only $3/IP.

See detailed program information and order here.

Note: the first time you register, OVH will censor information for a long time, it may take more than 1 day to complete. The next time creating the server will be faster. OVH’s quality of service support is also quite poor, it takes a few days for you to get support when there are problems. However, once you have enabled the server, it is very rare for you to contact support.

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