OVH September Deals, server promotions exclusive to Singapore location

In addition to OVH Back to Work already running, OVH today launched a new program exclusively for Asia Pacific customers with Singapore location.

Promotion only takes place this September, with incentives up to 50% for VPS/Server services.

You can view deal details here.

The discounted services include SSD VPS down $1; SP-32-S Dedicated Server; Storage Dedicated Server; Public Cloud 30 day free trial; Advance dedicated servers Advance-2; Rise dedicated servers Rise-1 and So you Start dedicated server.

$1 SSD VPS discount with SSD 2 and SSD 3 plans, when paid year by year. However, at the time of writing, I could not choose the Singapore location. Maybe OVH has just come up the deal, hasn’t finished updating the registration, wait a bit and order.

Good luck!

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