OVH upgrades the new VPS SSD 1, version 2018

It looks like OVH is upgrading its VPS SSDs, starting with VPS SSD 1 plan, the price will be cheaper.

There are quite a few changes to the VPS SSD 1, which I believe are not recognized by everyone.

First is the new price only $3.35/month get 2 GB RAM, before you must pay $4.99/month. Not required to buy the whole year, payment by month is still good price.

As OVH is still maintaining a discount offer when you pay for the whole year, you will see that the VPS SSD 2 and VPS SSD 3 are priced as shown above.

The next change is storage capacity, which is doubled from 10 GB SSD to 20 GB SSD, as well as VPS SSD 2 plan, too good.

When you press Redeem button, will see this plan is named VPS 2018 SSD 1, while the remaining plans are still 2016.

The only regret is that OVH has just updated the plan in some locations, including: North America – Beauharnois, Central Europe – Frankfurt, Western Europe – Gravelines, Central Europe – Strasbourg, Western Europe – London, Central Europe – Warsaw. Hopefully in the coming time the whole location in the world will have this plan.

View the details of the new plans here.

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