Raise the limit for creating VPS at Vultr

Vultr has just added a new tab in the Billing page, allowing you to view the current VPS creation limit of your account and easily raise the limit.

Vultr’s VPS creation limit

With new account created at Vultr only created up to 1 VPS only, if click Deploy you will encounter the error message similar to the following:

Unable to place order: You have reached the maximum number of active virtual machines for this account. To deploy additional services, please request a limit increase.

To view your current VPS creation limit, log into the Billing page, and click on the Limit tab. The following content will appear.

  • Maximum Instances: Maximum number of VPS you can create.
  • Maximum Instance Cost: Maximum spending allowed per month.

This limit of Vultr depends on a number of factors such as age of account, monthly spending history …

Maybe my account has been registered for a long time and already have the money then should be automatically raised to 20 VPS.

Requires increased VPS creation limit

If your account has been in use for a while,>= 45 days, please contact Vultr to increase the limit by clicking the Request Limit Increase button.

The following form will appear:

You enter the amount of VPS you want to raise, the amount of money you spend each month, and describe what your VPS needs to do, then click the Request Custom Limit Adjustment button.

Vultr will manually check and raise the limit for you.

Note: At this step you may have to declare your personal information, verify account if you have never done.

Have you ever asked to raise the VPS creation limit at Vultr? Succeeded? Share your experience by leaving a comment below.

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