RamNode donates 50% credit when depositing into account

RamNode‘s first promotion since moving to the new Cloud platform, please take advantage of it right away.

With the new Cloud platform, RamNode customers can now actively recharge their accounts to use, the server is charged by the hour rather than the monthly bill as before.

Promotional this time RamNode is giving 50% Credit to all customers, also old customers apply.

For new customers, when registering, simply enter the CLOUD50 discount code and make a deposit. If the old customer has completed the deposit, create a ticket to support with the title CLOUD50 to RamNode check and add credit to the account.

The deposit amount must be at least $5 and only applied once, so it is recommended to deposit as much as possible. I do not see mentioning the maximum credit limit received, so you have enough money to keep charging. Server in RamNode installed Windows, used quite well, so you can rest assured to use it for a long time.

>>> Visit RamNode here.


  • Credit will be added within 24 hours.
  • Limit each customer to use 1 time.
  • Not applicable to old credit accounts transferred to the cloud.
  • Only applicable to Cloud services (KVM, VDS). Not applicable for OpenVZ VPS.

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