RamNode switch to OpenStack Cloud platform, the old VPS remains the same

RamNode has just announced that it has completely switched to OpenStack, the entire server managed on the new system no longer uses SolusVM.

This can be considered a complete molting of RamNode, replacing all existing KVM and VDS services to change to the new system, stopping the provision of OpenVZ.

SolusVM still works normally to manage the servers created before, all new servers will be created on Fleio system: cloud.ramnode.com, also on this management.

Some new features on the Cloud Control Panel:

  • Image/ISO uploads
  • Snapshots/backups
  • Cloud-config with cloud-init user-data
  • Private networking
  • Security groups
  • OpenStack API

Along with that, the server will now charge by the hour, how much it will charge instead of the monthly or quarterly, as before.

The price for the lowest standard KVM package is $3/mo ($ 0.0045 / hr) with 512MB RAM, 1 Core CPU, 10GB SSD, and 1TB Bandwidth, enough for a small site.

RamNode is one of the cheap, good quality VPS service providers that I trust to use for years. Whether it is a cheap OpenVZ package or KVM is very stable, uptime can be up to several years and still work. Unfortunately, there is no OpenVZ anymore.

Innovation is the foundation for development, hopefully, with this change, RamNode will be more successful, get more customers to use the service.

For more information, please refer here.

Visit RamNode here: https://www.ramnode.com

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