Safari is about to “reject” all SSL certificates for more than 13 months

The day before, CouponTree just announced the introduction of a cheap SSL registration deal with a term of 4 years, you should register now and always go because I have received quite a shocking news.

During the 49th CA/Browser Forum, Apple announced that it would not accept any website that uses SSL certificates for more than 13 months.

SSL is a certificate issued based on TLS encryption standards, ensuring that the user’s connection to a specific website is Safe & Secure.

In the near future, any certificates issued after September 1, 2020, with more than 398 valid days will be rejected by Apple’s default browser – Safari. This means that when you visit a website with the digital certificate described above, you will see a privacy warning. Certificates issued before September 1, 2020, are not affected.

Microsoft and GitHub have an SSL certificate for 2 years. According to Apple’s new rules, if these sites continue to renew certificates, the next time they will be warned.

Previously, with the aim of increasing the reliability and safety, organizations issuing SSL certificates agreed to reduce the time to only allow registration for a maximum of 2 years. However, the time has been increased to 4 years from October 2019.

Longer-term registration of SSL certificates may be convenient for users but it also has disadvantages. Browsers often skip online certification checks to speed up web loading time – engaging users. This neglect may be a flaw for the hacker. Therefore, the restriction Apple can also be considered a good move.

On the side of companies that manage SSL certificates like, Go Get SSL… the limited Apple may increase their workload. Specifically, it is still possible to sell the service for a maximum period of time at a discounted price, but support customers to register and renew each year.

Apple declined to comment on this matter, what about you?

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