Share Windows ISO installed on Vultr safely

One feature that stands out from Vultr and sets it apart from other providers is the ability to install Windows on Cloud Server.

In the past, I have dedicated a server just to store ISO files with direct links for you to install on Vultr completely free. However, this server is no longer available.

Therefore, in order to best serve everyone’s needs, I will continue to share secure Windows ISO links installed on Vultr, guaranteed by

I emphasize the word safety here because there are many other sharing links online that you can easily find. However, many of them are pre-installed with malware, viruses, just install it on Vultr and after a while, the server will be hacked, then hijacked … causing unpredictable damage.

The Windows ISO file I got directly from Microsoft, integrates more drivers and uploads it for you to use, so it’s 100% safe. However, maybe the operating system is old, there will be some dangerous errors, so right after the installation is complete, it is best to run the update to be able to safely use the server for a long time.

To maintain the server containing the ISO file, I have to pay a large amount every month. Please support a part of the cost by clicking to register for a Vultr account using this promotional link. Currently getting $100 bonus when signing up. Thank you!

1. List of Windows ISOs installed on Vultr

These are the original versions of Windows downloaded directly from Microsoft by themselves integrating VirtIO and testing, so they are absolutely safe and clean. When using, need a license key to activate.


  • When using, sometimes need to run Windows Update to update and fix bugs to avoid Windows Server being hacked.
  • You can use Windows 10 90-day trial or Windows Server 2016 180-day trial, no need to activate the license and still use it comfortably.
  • When using Windows on Vultr, it is necessary to have a copyright license, absolutely do not crack or you will have your account blocked.
  • The failed upload could be due to a connection problem or too many requests at a time. You can try again at another time or download the ISO file to your own VPS for storage with the command: “wget link.iso” and then use the link from the VPS to upload.
  • Absolutely do not use ISO files from other websites (especially from China), because ISO files can be promoted more viruses, malware… no one knows.
# File Size
1 Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 64bit (trial 90 days)
This version is the most compact, so after installing, only Internet Explorer is available in the Windows Accessories menu, if you need to install any additional software, you can add it yourself.
3.80 GB
2 Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit (trial 90 days)
4.58 GB

2. Windows ISO direct links

*** Click on the corresponding link to get the required Windows version. Link automatically resets at midnight!

Note: When registering for a Vultr account, use this promotional link to support Coupontree. Wishing you success!

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