Sign up for Alibaba Cloud’s $300 Free Credit now

Alibaba Cloud is China’s largest cloud service provider and ranked fourth in the world in web hosting. Invite you to experience the service here with the $300 Free Credit program.

With its huge customer number, Alibaba Cloud offers a wide variety of services, just like Amazon Web Services.

The $300 sum is quite large, but for all of Alibaba Cloud’s services, I think that’s not enough. For members of CouponTree specializing in Web Hosting, VPS/Server this program is too suitable.

To receive $300 Free Credit, please visit this promotional link and register.

After successfully activating your account with a phone number, you will need to continue to provide Visa/Master card or PayPal information to verify. Completed, you will immediately get $300 credit to your account for free service within 60 days.

The $300 free credit is split into two categories, $25 for Elastic Computing (the equivalent of VPS / Server) and $275 for other services. Detailed classification information you can refer to this page.

When testing the Elastic Compute service, I found that there was a Windows Server option, which would be higher than the Linux Server.

With Linux Server, you can use this free trial amount to sign up for the Starter Package, the cheapest 1 Core / 1GB / 40GB Disk / 2TB Data Transfer plan that can last up to 60 days. This package is pretty good, but then you have to manually open port 80, 2222 and admin port in the Security Group’s Elastic Computing Service ECS.

If you want to use for a long time, do not miss SSD Cloud Server package cost only $30/year with 3 locations US, Europe, Asia. This package that makes the satellite site system is very good, configuration parameters are as follows:

  • 1 Core CPU Intel Xeon E5-2682 v4
  • 1GB Memory DDR4
  • 40GB SSD Cloud Disk
  • 1TB Data Transfer

When using the $300 Free Trial, remember to keep track of your regular balance, avoiding losing money for extra expense. For more information see the Billing page.

Wish you happy weekend!

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