SiteLock Coupons & Promo Codes in July 2021

SiteLock is a global leader in cloud-based website security. SiteLock monitors and fixes threats, prevents future attacks, and meets PCI standards for businesses and websites of all sizes. Founded in 2008, SiteLock currently protects more than 12 million websites worldwide.

SiteLock Coupon & Promo Code List in July 2021

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How important is the use of SiteLock’s website security services?

  1. 59 attacks/day: On average, each website was attacked 59 times/day.
  2. 2573 websites are infected with malware every week: Malware infected an average of 2573 websites/week.
  3. 14.6% of access is malicious code: 14.6% of traffic to your site is malware.
  4. WordPress is regularly hacked: 57% of WordPress websites were hacked despite using the latest version.

SiteLock Security Pricing

SecureAlert SecureStarter SecureSpeed

Designed for informational websites that don’t have an existing security issue.

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For informational websites with an existing security issue.

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The perfect plan for businesses using their website to drive phone calls and form completions.

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$14.99 per site/month $29.99 per site/month $49.99 per site/month
$149.99 per site/year (Yearly Save 2 Months) $299.99 per site/year (Yearly Save 2 Months) $499.99 per site/year (Yearly Save 2 Months)

Every SiteLock Plan Includes

Industry-leading anti-malware technology SiteLock Trust Seal to boost visitor confidence 24/7 U.S.-based customer service & support Website Backup

Why SiteLock?

Large businesses often have unlimited budgets to deal with cyber attacks. While small businesses already make up nearly half of the target of the attacks, they lack the resources to defend themselves. That’s where SiteLock is focused. SiteLock provides robust, well-priced network security software solutions to enable small and medium-sized businesses to operate without fear of being attacked.

Remember, to be able to detect daily malware and research real-time security solutions require talented and costly staff, not many technology companies have enough human resources to do this. This is the reason that CouponTree chooses to introduce SiteLock to our members, one of the easiest website protection options and maximum cost savings for users.