Some upgrade of HawkHost in June

Hawk Host is among the top quality hosting providers recommended by Let’s see this month they have the features and upgrades.

Web Server supports mod_geoip

mod_geoip allows you to perform operations based on the user’s location. For example, some national block; Redirect user to a directory, subdomain or change language based on country…

The example below will redirect the visitor from US/CA to /usca/ directory:

View the country codebook on Wikipedia.

IMAP Full-Text Search Indexing (powered by Solr)

Hawk Host supports full text search indexing to speed up IMAP mail search by using email tools such as Outlook, Thunderbird or SquirrelMail webmail, Horde, Roundcube.

Cloudflare Railgun at Amsterdam

Amsterdam Location has officially supported Railgun Origin Network Optimizer. If you use hosting in Amsterdam and have Cloudflare enabled in cPanel will see the option to enable Railgun.

Railgun helps to speed up website access faster and gets better loading!

According to information from AZDIGI:

CloudFlare will cache static files on the website such as images, CSS, JavaScript, Fonts, and so on, and that content will be distributed by CloudFlare’s CDN servers. However, according to their statistics, CloudFlare only cache the content of about 66% of the content of the website, 34% of the remaining content must connect to the original server of the website to send data away. And their Railgun technology launched to optimize the cache of the remaining 34% of the content to optimize the speed of access to the website through CloudFlare.

Of the 34%, most of the dynamic content is updated regularly, but not too much change after each update. According to CloudFlare’s example, the CNN homepage will cache the 60-second cache once, and each time the cache is re-created, there’s not much change, only about 100Kb, but CloudFlare must reload the page’s total capacity. It takes time to load for the first time every time it reloads the cache and consumes bandwidth for the original server.

When using Railgun, servers that are set up with Railgun will save the site cache to the RAM of the Railgun servers. When a connection is sent to the CloudFlare server without caching, CloudFlare sends a connection to the Railgun server to retrieve the website data. The data sent from the Railgun server will also be compressed to the maximum, which will help webite load faster, withstand more traffic at the same time due to the maximum number of connections to the root server.

Use resource statistics

In the past, when accessing the resource usage statistics page, you only saw some basic information such as CPU usage, memory, I / O status, which could not be analyzed.

However, with the support of Litespeed’s mod_proctitle, you can now view specific information including process list, query database running, and most importantly, specific pages that have slowed or overloaded your site.

Upgrade backup infrastructure

With the growing number of users, Hawk Host has expanded its infrastructure by 20% to automatically back up user data daily.

In addition to the major changes above, there are many other minor changes such as software updates, configuration changes, code changes … Next month, Hawk Host will add new security features. Let’s wait and see.

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Visit the Hawk Host here.

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