Special offer for Dedicated Server at OVH

Recently, OVH has been continuously launching promotions to attract new customers around the globe. A few days ago, 50% discount for APAC VPS & Server, today is OVH Deals.

This deal takes place on all OVH system websites with focus on Dedicated Server packages, the content of promotion is mostly the same, highlighted as:

1. SSD VPS promotional in APAC

The discount is 50%, only $2.50/month for the smallest VPS package. This promotion was introduced on Coupontree.

2. Dedicated servers promotion in Singapore & Sydney

Discount up to 50% from $45.00/month. Also was introduced on Coupontree.

3. Dedicated server discounts up to 30%

Promotional packages include: MC-32 GAME, EG-16, MC-64 GAME.

And some other promotional offers invite you to refer to the details in the landing pages:

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