Special offer when signing up WordPress Hosting – Update LIFETIME

To help you create your own website easily with WordPress, I hosted a program to give you a free license Plugin.

GoDaddy is the largest domain name provider in the world, last year, domain names alone gave GoDaddy a record revenue of more than $1.8 billion.

In addition, GoDaddy hosting is equally powerful, especially with WordPress Hosting. The new features are continuously launched, the quality is increasingly good, security is extremely secure, datacenters expand continually (USA and EU, upcoming Singapore will be), the promotion is also very much.

Almost everyone who knows about CouponTree has already signed up for some of Godaddy’s WordPress Hosting packages to use. Not only because cheap ($12 domain and 1 year hosting), but also by stable quality, easy installation, management and fast.

This promotion is the largest ever to be reserved for anyone who has ever signed up for WordPress Hosting. And if you have not used, please quickly find out and register right here, because the gifts are extremely attractive.

Special offers when signing up for WordPress Hosting

Each successful subscription via CouponTree will receive a WP Rocket plugin ($ 199, lifetime update) and any other Premium Theme/Plugin from the providers below.

Note: You need to click on this registration link, the system will track, so I can found new order code. This operation is required.

1. Give WP Rocket plugin – Update LIFETIME

WP Rocket is the only plugin allowed with WordPress Hosting in GoDaddy!

Although not a long time, but with simple installation, support optimization, speed up WordPress powerful, WPRocket is a lot of bloggers trust to use and appreciate. Currently, CouponTree has also switched to WP Rocket.

Normally, Godaddy WordPress Hosting has been optimized cache on the server with Varnish, however, installing WP Rocket, the speed will be greatly increased.

2. Give Premium Theme/Plugin – Update LIFETIME

According to the latest statistics, nearly one-third of websites around the world are using the WordPress platform. With the huge collection of WordPress theme libraries and plugins, you can almost do all kinds of websites you want.

There are many free themes and plugins available on the Web, but limited features and monotonous design do not meet the growing demand of users. With the free premium plugin / theme is shared free, almost will be accompanied by malware, shell …, used for a while, your website will be hacked, affecting the reputation and brand.

Understanding this, I decided to share my huge library. Help you easily get professional website, fast, without much time.

Especially, all are copyrighted goods, they are directly ordered with the highest plan, clear source should ensure safety, you can be assured of long-term using.

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