SSD Nodes Celebrate 7th Anniversary, Up to 92% Off for VPS

On the occasion of its 7th year of existence, SSD Nodes run discount program for KVM VPS packages. This program is quite hot so you do not miss.

When you go to the promotion page, you will immediately see the countdown timer indicating that the program is only hours away. But do not worry, I’ve seen this clock run like this for 4 months.

Discounts up to 92% is too good, VPS configuration parameters and current prices are selling as follows:

Available locations: US Standard (Dallas) and Canada (Montreal).

If you read this article 4 months ago will see $3.99 KVM package per month has 2GB of RAM, but now has been removed.
This is a good program, you should not miss out, see details and register here.

Highlights at SSD Nodes: Intel Gold/E5 processors, RAID10 SSD, 10Gbps network, 100% uptime SLA, Zero-downtime upgrades, 14-day refund guarantee. This promotion only applies to the US Standard location (Dallas).

Dallas, TX – Speed Test Links

100MB Test:

Looking Glass (BGP/ping/traceroute):

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