SSLs discounts PositiveSSL, only $3.77/year has just launched a PositiveSSL service discount promotion, only $3.77/year.

The condition of the program is that you must register SSL for a period of 2 years, if registering for 1 year, the price will be $5.88.

Comodo PositiveSSL certificate is used almost universally in the world, probably just behind Free Let’s Encrypt.

See more information and SSL registration here. supports payment using a PayPal account or Visa/Master international payment card.

The price of $3.77 is currently the cheapest on, if you need PositiveSSL certificate, please register quickly.

In addition to PositiveSSL, is also offering 46% discount with EV SSL certificate (showing the company name in the browser address bar), only $68.88/year.

There is another option for you to save SSL costs that SSL Registration at Namecheap is only $2.87 for the first year or up to 50 Positive SSL certificates for free.

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