StableHost integrates SiteBuilder into Web Hosting packages, making it easy to create websites

Late last month, StableHost integrated SiteBuilder tool from BaseKit into all Web Hosting packages.

SiteBuilder is a drag-and-drop website creation tool that simplifies website creation. No need to know a single line of code, your task is just to put the components into a reasonable position, such as playing puzzle. Very interesting.

All existing StableHost customers will be able to use this feature for free. The price of Hosting packages also does not change.

StableHost’s SiteBuilder includes:

  1. More than 100 templates are available for you to choose from.
  2. Customizable display on computer, phone or tablet screen.
  3. The simple drag-and-drop feature helps you build a website in just 5 minutes.

SiteBuilder is suitable for beginners as website, or for static website, landing page, less content update. With dynamic websites, there are new news stories that should be moved to other systems such as WordPress. StableHost supports quick installation of WordPress in just a few clicks through Softaculous in cPanel.

View detailed information about SiteBuilder here. Visit StableHost here.

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