StableHost is moving server in Singapore location, please pay attention!

StableHost is in the process of moving the server cluster in Singapore location to the new area, please pay attention to update the IP website if not using the name server here to avoid the website being inaccessible.

The new server cluster promises to be better and more stable than the old server cluster.

Because recently there have been some complaints about the quality of hosting at the Singapore location of StableHost no longer being as stable as before, so I contacted Stablehost to ask for more information. They confirm that the current server is fine, if it is still flickering, it may be because it hasn’t moved to the new server, everyone waits for a while.

Currently, all newly registered customers will be on the new server immediately. Old customers will be moved gradually. If you want immediate assistance, you can create a ticket to tell them to remove it soon.

The link to login cPanel on the new server cluster has the form and the old server has the form could no longer be used. Through this link, you can check how many StableHost servers currently has in Singapore, I have checked that there are 7 servers.

Have people used StableHost seen more stable quality than before? If you need to contact support with StableHost, leave detailed information below comment to check and summarize.

Wish everyone happy!

StableHost is offering discounts up to 70% lifetime for Singapore location. This is a great opportunity for you to experience quality hosting services here.

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