StableHost Review after 2 years of use

This post I want to review about StableHost – this is a cheap VPS/Hosting service and quite popular in the past few years as it continuously launches lifetime 50% – 70% Off coupon promotions. I have also been using StableHost for over 2 years and have some reviews below.

About StableHost

Stable Host, LLC is headquartered at 1530 E. William Field Road Suite # 201-20 – US.

I checked the domain it was registered in 2002 but started the business in 2009 as in it’s about. With the advantage of fast registration, no need to verify complicated, StableHost has gradually captured the trust of users and is quite a number of webmasters switched to use.

Stablehost Reviews

In general, this is the top cheap hosting provider with 3 basic hosting packages STARTER 4.95/mo, PRO and PLATINUM.

Hosting is quite cheap as the table below:

Data Center is located in 3 locations:

    1. Phoenix, Arizona
    2. Chicago, Illinois
    3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

These locations are almost as far away as Asia, so if your website has mostly Asian users then the theory is weak.

Advantages of StableHost

  • Registration is easy, no need to verify. The account is active and sends information right to email.
  • Good access speed from pretty good, of course still not equal to HostGator if you are an Asian user.
  • Support through fast ticket if during working hours, after work hours, see the disadvantages. 😀
  • Good configuration, with the STABLE package, you are not limited by bandwidth or domain.
  • Shared hosting packages have 1GB of RAM, 25% of the CPU core.

July 2018 Update:

As you know, StableHost has moved the entire traditional Hosting in Singapore to Phoenix, US, where high technology – Cloud Servers, load much better than Traditional Hosting. If you use the CDN CloudFlare will give great speed.

StableHost has upgraded many more worthwhile features:

Use LiteSpeed Cache WebServer

LiteSpeed Cache is a new WebServer technology, compared to the Apache WebServer, the processing speed of LiteSpeed Cache is many times faster. Many Hosting Providers have switched to LiteSpeed Cache like HawkHost and StableHost too!

Enabling LiteSpeed Cache is very easy with plugins of the same name.

Integrated SSL Let’s Encrypt in cPanel

SSL Certificates are now required for all Websites, there are a number of solutions for SSL installations, but Let’s Encrypt SSL is most commonly used as it is free, stable and sponsored by SSL. giant corporations like Google, Mozilla, etc.

Almost all high-quality Hosting services such as SiteGround, A2Hosting, HawkHost have integrated Let’s Encrypt SSL in cPanel, and StableHost is no exception.

You only need 1 minute to activate SSL for any site on StableHost, without spending hours like installing Lets Encrypt SSL on VPS.

Better yet, the SSL Certificate Let’s Encrypt will renew itself for you forever!

Support for PHP 7 (currently 7.1)

The world has been waiting for more than 10 years to see a major upgrade to PHP, probably too tired so many people are no longer interested when PHP jump from version 5 to straight version 7 by the end of 2015. But: that may be wrong!

PHP 7 does not create a revolution but it is the most perfect PHP ever. The speed of PHP 7 is greatly improved in comparison with the old version, supports many advanced acceleration technologies, and PHP 7 as well as light, error-free and more secure operation!

Just like your competitors, StableHost supports PHP 7, you only need 1 minute to upgrade from PHP 5 and support technology options!

CloudFlare integration in cPanel

CloudFlare is the most popular middleware and CDN service today, providing a free & unlimited number of websites for everyone.

CloudFlare’s DNS has a very fast response rate, so many websites are using it. CloudFlare’s free CDN service is well suited for speeding up access to Web sites from areas far from Datacenters.

Disadvantages of StableHost

  • No Live Chat, so you can only receive support via email or ticket. If during critical business hours, important issues will be supported after only 5 minutes, otherwise you will have to wait for the time frame to receive the answer. 🙁
  • If your website consumes a lot of server resources then you will have to upgrade to a more powerful package.

Resource Limit

Shared Hosting:

  • CPU: 25% of 1 CPU Core
  • I/O: 3Mb/s
  • Memory: 3GB
  • Max PHP Processes: 15
  • Total Max Processes: 30

Enterprise Hosting:

  • CPU: 100% of 2 CPU Cores
  • I/O: 5Mb/s
  • Memory: 5GB
  • Max PHP Processes: 50
  • Total Max Processes: 50

In summary, the host service of StableHost has been running for a long time and many webmasters in the world (refer to Web Hosting Talk) appreciate. I myself have used and will still recommend to anyone who asks for hosting reviews of StableHost.

Currently, there is a 50% discount for life on hosting StableHost, I think it is good to have a stable hosting package, if you are looking for a hosting provider, try it! 🙂

The above is my feeling in the process of using if you have other experiences, please leave a comment below to share with the community. That will be extremely useful information.

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