The best cloud storage services 2018

Today, the concept of “Cloud storage service” is no longer strange to us. However, the explosion of countless websites offering this type of service also makes users headache for choice.

Previously, users used to use USB, memory card or hard drive as an option to back up data when needed. Nowadays, “Cloud storage” is being evaluated as one of the best options, which is increasingly used by many users.

The general criteria of most of these service providers is speed, safety and convenience.

The best cloud storage services 2018


Free storage: 15 GB

OneDrive is one of the online data backup models (cloud storage model) developed by Microsoft. It can be said that OneDrive is also a relative of Windows 8 and Windows Phone. At present, OneDrive storage service is integrated within each Hotmail & Outlook account (Microsoft Mail box service) right from the user’s initialization.

OneDrive also has an extremely close relationship with Microsoft Office. Accordingly, OneDrive is integrated with some very useful tasks such as Word Online, Excel Online or PowerPoint Online. These options support the user to create, customize, edit content with the same interface and features as the basic Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Even files and texts originally written on a PC and then uploaded to OneDrive can be easily edited quickly and easily. You can easily access the OneDrive storage via any computer or mobile device, of course, that must be connected to the internet. In addition, Microsoft has released OneDrive software on a variety of mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS or Windows Phone, etc.


  • Deep integration on Windows 8 operating system (onwards) and Windows Phone.
  • The storage capacity is quite large, up to 15 GB.
  • Very good support for creating, editing and storing text.


  • This service is the most perfect use on the OneDrive – Windows couple.
  • The cumbersome when OneDrive is integrated with many other Microsoft services (Outlook, Xbox Live, etc).



Free storage: 2 GB

Currently, the Dropbox software (Android version) still holds the “king” when compared with other cloud storage service names in terms of the number of times downloaded and installed the most. Despite appearing for quite a long time but the attraction of Dropbox has not dropped compared to the competitions.

The simplicity of the website design style and the Dropbox software interface are all very intuitive and easy to use. Dropbox supports drag-and-drop operations very simply, so what you need to do is: select and hold the content to store from the Desktop then drag and drop to the Dropbox site. It can be seen, Dropbox is suitable for many users who like the simplicity, reduce the “excess” operation when used.


  • Convenient, easy to use.
  • Supports multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc).


  • The storage capacity is low, only 2 GB.
  • Excessive simplicity leads to a lack of some basic features when users need to manage data on Dropbox.


Free storage: 15 GB

Google Drive is recognized by users and technology experts as the most comprehensive cloud storage service. Get a solid support from the “giant” – Google, Google Drive is certainly on the list of technology devices, especially mobile devices, as long as they use the services they relate to Google, typically Android and Gmail.

It’s simple to activate using Google Drive. If you already have an account from Google, you can just go to to enable this data storage service. Google Drive can also access and edit documents such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In order to be able to manage or use Google Drive you only need one device connected to the internet, logging into the Google Drive website is already usable. In addition, the Google Drive app is also available on two of today’s most popular operating systems, Android and iOS.


  • Deep integration into Chrome OS and Android
  • The storage capacity is quite large, up to 15 GB
  • Supports creating, editing Word, Excel, PowerPoint.


  • Because it’s built-in to devices that use Google services, some features may be “accidentally” enabled. Typically, your Android phone updates itself from the inside of your device to Google Drive.

4. BOX

Free storage: 10 GB

It is also a type of cloud storage service, but Box is aimed at users in the “business” segment. Box service is quite well-known and well-known for its high security mechanisms, support for interventions, and deep customization of how account holders communicate with other individuals.

In more detail, Box allows users many customizations such as the right to decide which objects to view, download to use or edit for each selected content. Users can also set password for each file, set the limit for sharing time for each folder, etc. In addition, Box also supports some of the same basic features as Microsoft Office and Adobe Lightroom, which is very convenient for editing right on the box.


  • Many security options and ways to share data.
  • The storage capacity is quite large, up to 10 GB.
  • Good support for editing online documents and photos.


  • The use, management and sharing of data are complex, not suitable for general users.

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