The best free image hosting for website developers

You are looking for a free image hosting with stable quality, less errors or die, then you can refer to the hosting list below, which allows you to upload images for free but still ensure good quality.

The best free image hosting list for website developers

According to many years of website developer experience, often have to find free image hosting to get direct link to insert the article, I realize there are many websites that allow you to upload images for free and very fast, even many websites do not require you to register account, just 1 click that you can upload image and get direct link easily, but not stable and very die image (dead link).

If you just upload and share the image right now or in just a short time, you can choose any image upload site for free. Ex:

However, if you are a professional website developer, the death of a image is a nightmare, the article does not show the image will take you time to edit the post, re-upload, even without images to re-upload.

f you do not want the image in your post to die one day, and have to re-upload it, then choose the place where the image safer and more stable. The best way is to upload images to the hosting that you are using for the website, however if you want to save resources for hosting, avoid hosting overload can use free hosting, the following free image hosting can be used safely:


Downloading a free image to is a safe option, you need to sign up for an account and upload images. Rest assured that the image you upload will never die, because has a long history and sustainable development, you can buy more storage capacity if you want.


The website is known as one of the largest free image sharing websites in the world with an extremely large community of users, and you can easily get the direct link of your images after upload.


If you want to upload large and safe images then you can not ignore is known as a gathering place for photographers all over the world, with thousands of pictures posted daily. You create a free account with enough space to upload large amounts of images, if needed you can buy more storage.


A great product of google that developers need to exploit, take full advantage, that is You can quickly create a blog and upload the image, then copy the image link to insert the article for your web.

Here are the best free image hosting for website developers, hope you have a list to upload images quickly and safely.

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