The best Hosting providers should use

Choosing good quality hosting, long-term using is not easy. Many times the hosting loading is fast but flicker, every day die for an hour or a stable hosting but loading is not fast, very annoying.

In my experience, you put the quality factor, stabilize first, then be the price. Because if you choose the wrong hosting provider with poor quality, you will always have headaches because the site is not accessible, many errors, lost visitors, lost orders…

With a good hosting provider, you do not have to spend time for worrying about technical issues, just focus on content development, customer care, website promotion only.

With the experience of many years of using the hosting, now I summarize the post to introduce the best hosting providers for your reference. These are all multipurpose hosting packages, have unlimited domain plan and install are almost all types of PHP code.

If using WordPress, can not ignore GoDaddy’s WordPress Hosting package, good quality, cheap with attractive promotions only $12/year + free .COM /.NET domain.

The Best quality hosting providers should be used

1. Hawk Host

Hawk Host is a hosting provider with location in many parts of the world, for very fast access. Many people registered to use Los Angeles location at Hawk Host replied that the server is quite terrible, high online site that still runs very fast.

Hosting at Hawk Host is quite good quality, especially there are always promotions, occasional big promotion up to 60%.

Shared hosting packages are very diverse, with no domain and bandwidth limitations, but like StableHost, Hawk Host limits the size of the first package with only 10GB. The following packages are not limited to anything.

Similar to StableHost, Hawk Host has two Semi Dedicated packages, which are also Shared Hosting but have higher configuration, more powerful. In particular, you can choose a Singapore datacenter, unlike StableHost, which has only a US location.

A different point of Hawk Host, is that you are supported Memcached free technology, help speed up the website a lot. When using you remember to activate. Similar to StableHost, Hawk Host also integrates Let’s Encrypt into cPanel for easy activation.

Customer service here is highly appreciated, quick response, dedicated support. Some parts do not work 24/7 (eg Sales) so you may need to wait until the evening for all new responses to be processed.

Latest Promotion: Hawk Host discounts up to 40% off

2. StableHost

StableHost is a very popular hosting provider today not only because of its stable quality, high uptime but also because the price of hosting here is quite cheap.

All shared hosting packages on StableHost use SSD driver, with no bandwidth and space limitations. From the PRO pack upward, there is no limit to the number of domains.

Besides conventional shared hosting, StableHost also has PLATINUM (Enterprise Hosting) with higher quality, suitable for sites with large traffic, large online, need strong configuration.

By default, all hosting packages of StableHost are enabled with Varnish Cache, which is optimized for the Apache server. In addition, StableHost’s cPanel integrates Let’s Encrypt, with just a few clicks you get instant SSL for your website, helping to boost your website’s SEO ranking.

When signing up, make sure you use a 50% lifetime coupon, save on both new and renewal rates. This is a special coupon exclusively for customers from CouponTree.

3. DreamHost

DreamHost is a very long-standing Hosting Provider in the world. There is only one Shared Hosting package, unlimited storage, bandwidth, domain and email address.

I used to use DreamHost very long before moving to VPS, quality hosting here is great, extremely powerful, uptime almost 100%. During the time of use it is almost rare to find that the hosting has problems with accessing.

DreamHost uses an SSD, especially for servers that support WordPress, just like SiteGround, which is’s official Top #2 hosting for WordPress.

Each domain name added to hosting is often different IP so it is good for SEO to do satellite site. Inside the control panel there are some special support functions including SVN, SSL Free Let’s Encrypt …

When you register for hosting with a period of 1 year or more, you will also receive a free domain like SiteGround.

For support service, DreamHost Livechat online always, what you can contact to support immediately. However, you need to log in to see Livechat. If not a customer of DreamHost then contact through Contact Form. In addition, you can send tickets, support here very enthusiastic, fast support, compact.

The hosting rates at DreamHost are higher than the average, and only the US location. DreamHost does not use cPanel but uses its own management panel, so you need some time to learn.

4. SiteGround

All SiteGround hosting packages use SSDs, which support very well for WordPress, and are rated by as the best hosting for WordPress on the Web.

When you subscribe to GrowBig, you will be using cPanel special caching modes such as Varnish Cache, Memcached, or Google PageSpeed ​​to speed up your website a lot. Very few providers have similar support functions here.

With all packages, when you register for hosting with a period of 1 year or more, you will receive a free domain name attached. Be sure to add the domain name before you initiate the payment.

SiteGround has Livechat so you can contact support immediately when the problem, their resolution is quite fast and accurate.

As one of the sponsors of the free SSL organization Let’s Encrypt, of course SiteGround also supports the automatic activation function in cPanel.

The price of hosting here is higher than the general average, but it is worth the money. If you are looking for high quality hosting providers, SiteGround can not be ignored.

Have you ever used these four providers, or know any other hosting provider better? Share the experience by leaving a comment below.

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