The best video hosting websites 2019

You have just made a very new video for your websites. To draw people’s attention, where should you post it?

Unlike a photo, you shouldn’t post a video and store it on your own websites. There are many reasons for this, but the most important one is that it will not work well.

First, in general, the video contains large files, which often occupies your storage space. It will cause troubles when someone tries to access them on purpose, and it is not compatible with the applications or browsers monitored by other different users as well.

Therefore, it’s better to have another website to take care of your videos. Although Youtube is the most popular choice, it is not the only one. Especially, if you are taking charge of a business, Youtube may not be considered as the best option based on your aim.

For instance, if you want to get access to numerous users through a video campaign, or you want to earn more money from video advertisements, Youtube can be a safe approach.

There are many other free websites for hosting videos such as Vimeo or a paid Wistia. It will be better if you can find a way to increase the number of access to your own website and boost on-site conversions in case you need detailed reports.

If you are not sure about your choices, just follow us to find out the most effective video-storing websites!

The best video hosting websites for free 2019

When storing videos for free, some options are unavailable. Storing videos are really costly, and Youtube outweighs this world so other organizations find it difficult to compete.


Apart from storing videos, Youtube is the second biggest social channel in the world. It is also known as the most famous searching engine, contributing itself to the high-ranked positions in all searching results.

If you desire to attract a great number of the audience or want to obtain huge subscribers on Youtube, or to earn extra income from your programs, Youtube is the best app for you.

You can download videos on Youtube for free, but you have to accept some advertisements displaying on your screen. If you take part in the Youtube Partner Program, it’s possible for you to make some money from these kinds of advertisements. In case you are serious with the numbers, it may not be remarkable.

The video should be shorter than 15 minutes although video capacity is unlimited on Youtube, or else you have to be its partner. You also have functions like analysis and basic edition, social share, live streaming or other features.

In case you want to embed videos that are free-advertised on your own sites or you want to share longer videos, you should take Vimeo or Dailymotion into consideration.


You can upload almost 500MB per week and totally 25 GB each year for Vimeo’s basic free option. You can also have the right to access some privacy settings and simple reports.

Videos in Vimeo don’t contain advertisements, and it’s quite compatible with many devices without limitations on file capacity or duration. (provided that it’s within your arrangement each month)

Because Vimeo is not as hot as Youtube, your number of viewers can be smaller. However, this app is famous for its higher quality and more professional content which is regarded as a benefit for all businesses.


Dailymotion provides both free and paid choices, and it also offers a program that helps to create advertisement revenue and incline the level of appearance.

They are not free advertisements but they are displayed at the end of the videos by default, unlike Youtube that you are used to accessing. Like 2 other apps, users can embed videos of Dailymotion on many different websites.

Although the capacity is endless, the size of files can be up to 2GM, and video must be shorter than 1 hour. Moreover, even for accounts that are paid regularly, some analytics are sometimes valid.

The best-paid video hosting websites 2019

You need to consider the upside of paying method seriously if you want to take video for real. You’d better search for some sources such as trustworthy storage, no ads, professional reports, quicker speeds and additional characteristics namely CTA buttons, textures, A/B testing, social media, and changeable ads, …

There are some great websites that contain paid videos with numerous price levels. Below are some heading choices for you to store videos.


Though Wistia provides with free apps, with a famous player, you can upload videos up to 200GB, and store up to 25 videos. However, videos will not be valid when the bandwidth is reached. $25 per month is for the normal player with 100 videos, and you have to pay 33 cents per terabyte in total 200 GB. Businesses start with $300 with overaged-rate discount.

Wista is really a wonderful video hosting site with advanced reports and other features. For examples, heat maps or engagement focus mostly on the viewers’ habits while email forms and action video calls can support your conversions.

In combination with HubSpot, MailChimp, Marketo, and WordPress, it is easier to embed videos anywhere you want, and you will find it much easier to share social media features.


Unlike many other websites, you must pay if you want to access Sproutvideo although it offers a free trial. It costs $25 for 150 GB bandwidth with the file size of 100 GB is for the starters. Besides, you can gain a $1/ GB overage, other functions and endless capacity.

The disadvantage of this website is that it doesn’t contain any free apps. Therefore, when compared with other sites, it partly loses its position.


Brightcove gains huge popularity due to its highly-customizable videos, potential money-making ability, customer-seeking engine, mobile optimization, and high analytics.

Some organizations have planned with $199 per month. however, you can try the free one within 30 days, which allows you to access most features.


Vidyard offers lots of various apps according to your demands. Just with $1,250 per month with the basic settings, users can apply the players with no ads, simple reports, social media shares and some connections with other services like Hootsuite, Marketo, and Salesforce.

Despite the not-very-affordable pricing, Vidyard contains a great number of functions with easy to use control boards. Therefore, you just need to pay for the ones you really need as none of them is free for you.

Above is our recommendation on top well-known video-hosting sites that you can consider uploading your videos on. We hope that you have found your own favorite one after reading this post.

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