The best VPS providers should use in 2021

As your website traffic increases over time and the shared hosting package is no longer available, it is time to upgrade to using VPS.

The advantage of VPS is that the resources (CPU/RAM) are larger than shared hosting, so the load capacity of VPS is very good. If you know how to configure a good VPS with only 2GB of RAM (~ $15/month) you can get up to 2,000 people online at once. The cost is much cheaper than using shared hosting.

There are now many VPS providers with different plans, prices, and quality. If you are wondering where are the best VPS providers should use, please refer to the list below.

The best VPS providers should use in 2021

This list, I give priority to the highest quality.

1. Vultr

This is the Cloud Server provider I encourage people to use first. The price here is very cheap, good quality VPS, high uptime.

The lowest package for only $5/month is 1024MB of RAM, 1,000GB of bandwidth to use. This is the package I rated at Vultr, there are no provider has price and configuration like this.

Also, the VPS usage fee at Vultr is based on an hourly rate. If you do not use VPS, you will not be charged. Very suitable for those who are new to VPS and want to have a place to practice.

Vultr is currently available in 15 cities around the world, especially in Singapore and Tokyo, Japan, for fast download speeds.

Vultr has many different server types:

  • Vultr Cloud Compute: suitable for general purpose, web server, high-end enterprise configuration.
  • Storage Instance: large capacity, moderate configuration, suitable for storage server.
  • Dedicated Instance: Used FULL 100% CPU Resources, SSD Drives, RAM; Suitable for large systems, website visit online need more resources.

If you need to use Windows VPS, you can use Vultr’s Custom ISO feature to install it yourself, see the Windows installation guide on VPS Vultr. Very few providers allow installing OS from the ISO file as Vultr.

Latest Promotion: Double your deposit, up to $103

2. Linode

Linode launched in 2003, Linode has been one of the most popular VPS providers in the world.

After a doubling of RAM, prices are unchanging to celebrate the 13th birthday, VPS in Linode is very cheap. Plus good quality, high uptime and enthusiastic support, there’s no reason not to use the service here.

If you are new to VPS, do not use it in Linode because the vendor’s administration is a bit hard to use compared to Vultr and DigitalOcean.

Currently, Linode is present in 8 major cities spread across three continent.

Currently, Linode is having two types of cloud servers:

  • Standard Plans: Suitable for general purposes, as a web server, high-end enterprise configuration.
  • High Memory Plans: Extreme RAM, suitable for tasks such as Database, Caching…

Latest Promotion: Duplicate RAM, donate $20 free trial

3. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is a provider of Cloud Server was born before Vultr, very famous in the world.

VPS here is also pretty cheap, using the same KVM virtualization platform as Vultr. Good VPS quality, high uptime and also hourly pay.

Unlike Vultr, DigitalOcean is currently only available in 8 locations around the world. In addition, DigitalOcean has only one server type.

At the same price level, the VPS at Vultr always has a higher configuration at DigitalOcean, but DigitalOcean has a very good support community along with the way to install VPS detail user guide.

Both Vultr and Digital Ocean providers accept payments via Visa or PayPal, but it is best to use PayPal.

4. RamNode

Speaking of VPS, Ramnode cannot be bothered. This provider regularly topping the VPS quarterly charts of the Low-End Box.

Unlike the three providers above, Ramnode offers both KVM and OpenVZ VPS at relatively cheap prices, especially OpenVZ. I am currently using many VPS. The cheapest package available for very cheap backups is $13.5/year, which is fine.

The advantage of Ramnode is that there are many VPS packages that are suitable for a variety of uses.

5. Dediserve

The entire cloud server at Dediserve uses the KVM virtualization platform, SSD hard drive.

I used Dediserve server, location Hong Kong and US for good, stable connection speed. Dediserve has 16 locations in the world.

6. OVH

OVH has many datacenters in the world, they also offer the most competitive VPS price today, you can see about this VPS provider through the post: OVH SSD VPS cheapest market – $2.5, 1GB RAM, location Singapore.

7. Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud’s boss is Jack Ma, this provider has a slightly difficult to use the control panel but in return you are using the Anti-DDoS Pro feature that minimizes DDOS attacks.

 All 7 providers are of very good quality, you should choose the priority when needed. Hopefully, with this synthesis post, you will select the right VPS to use.

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You have used these 7 providers, or know other VPS providers better, share your experiences by leaving a comment below.

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