The .CLUB domain name price will continuously increase within the next 3 years

.Club Domains, LLC – the owner of the .CLUB domain name has just announced in the next 3 years, the price of this extension will be increased.

.CLUB is an international domain name suitable for clubs, such as football club, fitness/sports club, book club, music club, etc, officially put into the market from May 7, 2014. Short, meaningful, easy to use, often get discounted subscription privileges from only $0.99 so the .CLUB domain name is used by many people. According to NameStat, it is always in the top 4 most newly registered extensions.

Currently, the wholesale price of CLUB domain is $8.04. This is the price that has been kept since the domain name was released on the market. In 2019, the price will increase by the most $0.9; two years later, an additional $0.5 will be adjusted each year. As follows:

Current price $8.05
Price applied from 1/7/2019 $8.95
Price applied from 1/7/2020 $9.45
Price applied from 1/7/2021 $9.95

Thus, within 3 years, the price will increase by $1.9, approximately 23.6%.

If you own multiple .CLUB domains, you should take advantage of renewed time or find suppliers with good price of transfer/renewal to transfer and renew. For those who are planning to register for a .CLUB domain name, remember to choose to register for several years if the price is good. Special attention, please make before 1/7/2019 to save the most!

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