The .CLUB domain officially turns to third age

Happy 3rd Birthday,.Club Domains, LLC has just released a commemoration video, introducing many of the featured websites that work with the .CLUB domain.

CLUB is an international domain name suitable for clubs, eg: football club, fitness club, book club, music club… was officially put into the market from 7/5/2014.

After 3 years, there are currently 923,000 .CLUB domains registered, up by more than 150,000 domain names compared to 2016, or 19.8%. Revenue from premium domain names with .CLUB suffixes has also reached more than $5 million, an increase of approximately $1.3 million.

If at May 2016, there were 71,873/770,00 live site then this year, the total live site has reached 147,000/923,000.

The number of domain names may increase slightly, but the live site rate increased significantly, from 9% to 16%. This shows that .CLUB domain names are increasingly used by organizations, businesses and individuals for long-term purposes.

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