The Neustar Registry officially becomes the GoDaddy Registry

Although later than expected, now GoDaddy has completed the acquisition of the Neustar Registry.

If you remember, earlier this year, after successfully acquiring Uniregistry, GoDaddy again began to acquire the Neustar Registry. Initially, the deal was expected to be completed by the end of the second quarter, but it wasn’t until the third quarter that GoDaddy completed the deal after spending $218 million.

When accessing:, you will be redirected to the new link:

Accordingly, the Neustar Registry has been renamed the Godaddy Registry and still operates popular domains like .CO, .BIZ, .US, .NYC, or .IN.

This merger helps “Neustar focus on the rest of the businesses like Marketing, Risk, Communication, and Security”, and also “provides an opportunity for Registrations to continue growing” with one of the market’s leading domain registrars.

After adopting the Neustar Registry, Godaddy also pledged to take protective measures to avoid conflicts of interest between a wholesale registered business and its retail affiliate.

Come see and refer to GoDaddy’s new services page here.

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