The successful domain auction in GoDaddy will certainly be sold, but still have to wait 7 days

With the new rules applied to expired domains, domain investors at GoDaddy Auctions will be more assured of participating in auctions.

As before, after a successful auction at GoDaddy Auctions, the winner will have to wait another 7 days to make sure the domain will belong to him now everything is different.

After applying the new policy, expired domain names will be pushed into the auction sooner than before. Specifically, from the 25th expiry date will start to be able to bid. The auction will take place within 10 days, ending on the 36th.(More details on the GoDaddy domain expiration process here)

Previously, even when the auction is over, you still have to wait until 42th to see if the current owner of the domain intended to renew the name or not has the final result. However, currently, since the 30th owner of the old domain name can not renew anymore, so if “win the auction” you will surely be the owner of it.

The domain name expires after the 30th day and only one person who has bid information will have the following information:

Registrant Name: Expiry Assignment Service
Registrant Organization: Afternic, LLC – On Behalf of Domain Owner
Registrant Street: c/o GoDaddy Redemption Services

The only issue here is the date of receipt of the domain name. Although you are sure to own the domain name but according to the rules you still have to wait for another 7 days domain can go new home.

When asked about this, GoDaddy’s customer service director, Mr Paul Nicks, said:”Due to the immediate process of transferring domain names that have been purchased, the transfer process will be temporary as before. We will try to improve the process to be more reasonable and smoother in the shortest time. Currently, all domain names will still be moved to the new address on 42th after expiration.”

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