The tip helps to reduce domain renewal price at GoDaddy without coupon code

Godaddy is one of the providers with very few coupon renewal, so most people will choose to transfer to another provider (Namesilo for example) or accept high renewal prices. The good news is that I just learned a way to allow domain renewal at GoDaddy for just over $10 only without coupon code.

This tip uses GoDaddy domain renewal for India. In the Shopping Cart step, you will need to change the currency from USD to INR Rs (on the bottom menu), you will see the amount of renewal is reduced 27%, to Rs711 (equivalent to $10.6) only.

Apply for all .COM/.NET/.ORG/.INFO domains. The current renewal fee for GoDaddy is quite high so if you need to renew your domain name while no renewal coupon, use this tip to renew. However, PayPal can not be used for payment.

Visit GoDaddy here.

Wish you successful domain renewal!

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