The world’s cheapest .VIP domain at Alibaba Cloud, apply for both transfer and renewal

Do you have any .VIP domain? If not, then register quickly at Alibaba Cloud where the domain is being discounted up to 68%.

As introduced in the domain just $0.17 post before, Alibaba Cloud launched a domain name service is not long and are promoting for almost all types of domain. Although most are new domain names, but I see the price is pretty good, especially .VIP.

Currently, .VIP domain in this provider is the lowest price on the market. Many people have commented that the price of the first year is cheap but the extension is too high so afraid. With Alibaba Cloud, you do not have to worry about it.New registration, renewal and transfer fees are $4.99, $5.99 and $5.29.

In particular, if you renew to 9 years you still receive this discount rate and also free to hide information service.

>> Register here

**** Payment can be made by both PayPal and Visa/Master.

Today I just tried to register a cheap domain name in Alibaba Cloud, pay with PayPal very fast, no mistake at all. Looking through the management interface is quite simple, I will soon have tutorials for domain management here for your reference.

Have a good night!

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