The .XYZ domain dropped sharply in volume, bringing .TOP domain to No. 1

Incidentally, in mid-July, statistics show that the total number of .XYZ domain names registered has plummeted, to 53% within 20 days.

The .XYZ domain was officially launched in early June 2014. Since then, the price of this extension has always kept very low, from $0.5. The popular price for .XYZ is $0.99 and there are many free offers.

The .XYZ domain has consistently grown steadily until the end of May 2016.

At the beginning of June 2016, only 2.856 million .XYZ domains were registered. Only a week later, a slew of discounts and free offers for the .XYZ 2 year old anniversary, on June 9, 2016, were reported to jump to 5.798 million domain names.

Early in July 2016, recorded the total number of .XYZ domain registered to peak 6.2 million domain names, up more than 3.4 million domain names. This number has always been maintained and has only decreased over the past year.

However, the incident began to appear in early July, 2017, the number of .XYZ domain name plummeted, specifically as follows:

Date Total domain Total reduction/week
30/6/2017 5,206,599
7/7/2017 5,131,460 75,139
14/7/2017 3,751,286 1,380,174
19/7/2017 2,449,275 1,302,011

Thus, in just 20 days the total number of .XYZ domain has dropped by more than 2.75 million domain names. The explanation for this sudden decrease is simple.

A year ago, domain name providers launched massive promotions, the number of registered users increased dramatically because of the price being too cheap. A year later, the bulk of the XYZ domain name remained in place, unused, invalid, and inevitably will not be renewed.

This results in the return of unregistered domain names, which means that the number of domain names decreases.

In March of this year, Namecheap – one of the largest domain providers in the world – suddenly stopped selling .XYZ domain. Not to mention this domain is still banned in China.

Because of this drastic reduction, there has been a shift between the top two positions in the Top 10 Biggest Selling gTLDs on, and the .TOP domain has risen to No. 1.

Do not know what the fate of the .XYZ domain will be? What do you think?

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