Try EasyWP at Namecheap for just $1/month

In order to encourage customers to experience the EasyWP service, Namecheap has launched a $1/month promotion.

EasyWP is a WordPress Hosting service that has been named Namecheap for more than a year, is still in the process of finishing with the BETA version.

EasyWP makes it easy to have a fast WordPress website in just a few minutes after a few clicks. The management features of EasyWP are quite simple, with dashboard management interface, support backup, change the main domain, activate the Maintenance mode, set SSL, etc.

If you want to try EasyWP, take advantage of this opportunity to register for only $1 the first month, next month the price will be $3.88. If you feel comfortable with it, pay the full year, the EasyWP package will cost $29.88 ($2.49 per month). During this time, Namecheap is discounting EasyWP by 50% to $14.88/year – $1.24/month.

Do not forget Namecheap is still prefer .COM domain only $0.88 for new customers, if you do not have a .COM domain, you can also order a domain to try both services. The total bill is only $1.88.

Visit Namecheap here.

Have a good day.

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