Tucows responded to Namecheap’s suit

As the CouponTree reported earlier, nearly a month after Namecheap filed a suit, Tucows first responded.

With 4 million domain names registered as eNom agents, Namecheap wants to quickly transfer, using the “Bulk Transfer After Partial Portfolio Acquisition” as agreed upon. The transfer was forever unsuccessful, Namecheap said Tucows, the current parent company of eNom, has made it difficult and has filed a lawsuit.

However, the Tucows have asserted that Tucows do not oppose or make it difficult to transfer domain names back to Namecheap.

At the same time, the company also proposed another solution. Tucows will provide the EPP code to transfer the above 4 million domain names but retains the eNom hosting.

Namecheap immediately rejected this offer!

The refusal was made quickly but not unexpected. If Namecheap agrees with Tucows’ new plan, it means that the domain names of the customers are still retained at eNom, not yet fully returned to Namecheap.

The ambiguity between the two suppliers will also cause many difficulties, risks for customers. When things are not clear, the customer will not be able to renew, resulting in the domain being held, the high probability of being penalized for failing to renew on time. Even worse, it may be deleted, if not promptly re-registration also led to the loss of domain name.

In order not to affect the customer, Namecheap continues to urge Tucows to quickly implement the deal and hopes to complete the transfer of 4 million domain names this year.

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