Tucows returns expired domain on GoDaddy Auctions

Suddenly after half a year left, now Tucows expired domains are auctioned on the GoDaddy Auctions platform.

Tucows started working with GoDaddy in September 2016, moving the expired domain from SnapNames to auction at GoDaddy Auctions. In May 2017, after the acquisition of eNom, the expired domain name of Tucows was sold to NameJet.

At that time, Paul Nicks, GoDaddy’s customer service director, remained optimistic and said: “We are confident that the quality of GoDaddy’s service will be the best evidence and we will have the opportunity to cooperate.”. Indeed, after only 7 months, at present, GoDaddy has regained the opportunity to cooperate.

The reason for this unexpected return, I think it is certainly due to the expiration of business domain name in GoDaddy must certainly be higher than NameJet.

Expired domain revenue is evaluated based on two main factors: the selling rate and the average selling price.

It’s easy to see, the startup price at GoDaddy Auctions is quite soft, only $12 + 1 year extension fee, while NameJet is usually $69. NameJet tried to lower to $39 but still higher.

Lower starting prices will attract more buyers, leading to higher sales rates. At the same time, the low starting price also attracts many domain investors to participate in auctions. When there are more people interested, the final price after the auction will be able to push up, which means that the average selling price is also raised.

Not to mention that Godaddy has a large client base and does not require backordering at a certain time to be able to participate in auctions like NameJet. Competitive advantage in this case is entirely in favor of GoDaddy.

Until the end, wherever he goes, the Godfather is still a very heavy and formidable opponent for all other domain name service providers on the market.

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