Uniregistry receives patents for domain name management and transfer system

Uniregistry’s domain name management and transfer system has been granted patent rights at the end of October 2017.

Uniregistry is both a manager and a well known domain name provider in the world. So, besides tracking the domain names registered at Uniregistry itself, the company also needs to track the information of domain names they manage at other agency registrars.

They will need a system with simple, complete and optimization tracking.

Understanding the necessity of this system, Unified staffs under the direction of Frank Schilling and Ryan Smith have been constantly researching and experimenting to produce the information management system as today.

In August 2014, the process was first announced and applied for patent. After more than 3 years of refinement and improvement, on October 31, 2017, the US Patent and Trademark Service issued a patent number US 9,807,053 B1 for system and procedures related to monitor and manage this domain.

The patent describes in detail the different aspects of the domain management system at Uniregistry. Especially focused on the ability to track domain names registered in different vendors. This system also meets the tracking needs of the process involved in domain transfer between vendors.

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