Verisign promised not to raise the price of .COM/.NET domain names

Sharing with difficulties faced by businesses worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Versign made a promise – not to increase the price of .COM, .NET domain names.

As CouponTree reported, in early 2020, Verisign and ICANN secretly agreed to increase the price of 7% for .COM domain names in the coming period. However, due to the extremely complex developments of the COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic as well as its adverse effects, Verisign has decided this year not to implement the agreement.

Specifically, Verisign will keep the prices of all domain names including .COM and .NET until the end of 2020. Verisign will also deploy a program to support all customers whose domains are about to expire in the next months. However, detailed information about the program as well as the implementation method has not been mentioned.

See more details here.

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