Vultr changed the new interface and launched High Frequency Compute service

If you use Vultr, you probably know that Vultr has changed the new interface since mid-June, right?

The interface has been completely changed from the logo, website to the server management system – Even small things like the icon of service types, tutorial articles are completely refreshed.

But the most important information in this upgrade is the new line of services called High-Frequency Compute.

Today I have time to review the information, I found this plan very suitable for you to use the webserver. For more information, see below.

Vultr High-Frequency Compute is different from current server services with much higher CPU speed, 3GHz + or higher. Plus hard drives using NVME technology make this server the best performance of Vultr ever, 40% higher than regular Compute Instance.

For VPS/Server used as a webserver running website, most tasks will need CPU processing power, including running PHP code, reading/writing database records, etc. Cache website content will largely Use hard drive for storage, at this time NVME with excellent reading speed will promote maximum efficiency.

High-Frequency Compute is now available in Japan location at a reasonable price, I have checked that the cheapest plan is $ 6/month with CPU speed of 3.8Ghz, higher than the $60 dedicated plan with 3.6Ghz only.


Summary, with a very reasonable price, high-speed CPU, ultra-good NVME hard drive, if you use it as a web server, you should prioritize High Frequency Compute plans.

Here are some of my ideas, please comment and share more.

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