Vultr donates $25 free for 1 year

One of the most attractive promotions from Vultr has come back!

If you follow CouponTree regularly, you probably still remember the $5, $25, or even $50 promos for Vultr’s new account a few months ago?

At the present time, Vultr’s Free Credit Promotion has come back, this time with $25, spent a year, so great!!!

Vultr is a world-renowned cloud service provider that I trust to use for the CouponTree blog. If you are looking for free VPS to experience, then this opportunity can not be missed. Get up to $25, plus $3 when you connect to your Twitter account, you will have a total of $28 in your account, get a $2.5 VPS with 512MB of RAM for nearly a year.

The operation is simple, just click the button below to go to the promotion page and register a new account, you will be added $25 immediately.

Try Vultr VPS now for $25 free

As always, this program only applies to new accounts. When you register, remember to follow the steps below to receive $25:

  • Click the button or visit the promotional link.
  • Enter Email and Password and then click Create Account to create a new account.
  • Immediately you are transferred to Billing, enter Visa/Master or PayPal information to verify and receive $25.


Do not forget to connect Vultr to Twitter for $3 more, so you will have a total of $28 in your account.

Note: If you sign up through this program you will not be duplicating the deposit for the first time. If you plan to use Vultr permanently, you should use the duplicate program to save more.

This amount is only used to order VPS at Vultr, you are allowed to use within 1 year. After this time, the promotional amount will be lost and you must choose to remove VPS or pay for continued service.


  • Your bank account will be deducted $2.5 to validate the card information, then a few weeks will be automatically refunded.
  • If you receive the message “This card is not eligible for free credit promotions“, that means your bank card is not accepted, need to switch to another card until the card is added.
  • When VPS Deploying may take a few minutes to complete, to monitor the progress, you click the View Console button in the VPS management page.

If after adding the card information but have trouble “Unable to process your payment: This transaction was denied by the credit card issuer”, please check the following:

  • Does the card enable international payments? Contact the bank to ask, using the phone number printed on the card.
  • Has the information been correct?
  • Account balance is sufficient, notice some banks require to maintain account balance.

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