Vultr has reopened the $2.50 Cloud Server package

Since the launch, the Vultr‘s $2.50/mo 512MB RAM cloud server package is always out of stock. You have to be really fast to register.

At $2.5 per month, server configuration: 1CPU, 512MB of RAM, 500GB of bandwidth, 20GB of SSD is among the top of the world, selling only make a loss of capital only. That is why at the time of launching this package Vultr has limited each account can only create up to two $2.5 servers and after a period of suspension of registration.

However, today I have good news for you, Vultr opened again to allow registration back to this great $2.50 package. However, only two locations in Miami and New York (NJ) were selected, not all locations as they first appeared.

Currently, the New York location (NJ) is still being offered 50GB Block Storage for free, combined with $2.5 package to do quite a lot of good.

Please order quickly!

Visit Vultr here.

Good luck!!!

Update: Sometime you log in, you may be lucky to see the server deleted to register with Japan, Singapore locations.

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