Vultr has the 17th data center in South Korea

The good news for you is using Vultr, so we have more choices of datacenter when creating VPS at Vultr.

Seoul, South Korea is Vultr’s 17th Datacenter in the world. Besides Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney, Seoul will be an important link for Vultr to conquer the Cloud market in the Asia-Pacific region.

Vultr has supported all additional services for the server at this new location, including firewalls, IP presets, private networking, load balancers, automatic backups, on-demand snapshots, etc. Click Apps and the ability to Upload Windows installation ISO file is also available.

The price list of this region is similar to other regions in the world.

Basically, the Internet connection through Korea and Tokyo, Japan is the same, so you use Vultr’s service in this area has one more option. I created a $5 server to run the speed test, the result was very good.

If you do not have a Vultr account, immediately refer to the promotion of a $100 free server trial for Vultr’s new account here.

Link to register a new account and receive the promotion here.

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