Vultr is offering 50GB Block Storage for free

As well as changing the interface yesterday, Vultr is offering free 50GB Block Storage for everyone to test.

Just have a Vultr account and you will get 50GB of free storage for any server in New York, NJ. (If you do not have an account, refer to the $50 free trial offer and register now)

As soon as you log in, click the Block Storage link shown in the image above, and then click the Add Block Storage button.

Next enter the Label, free storage of 50GB:

Wait a moment to complete the Block Storage creation process so that you can add more capacity to any VPS/Server located in New York, NJ.

As soon as Attach is complete you will see the instructions for mount block storage below, just copy and paste is okay. More information and master guide here.

Note that you may need to install parted: yum -y install parted

I see most of you use Vultr’s New York location to make Upload/Download servers. With the ability to add extra storage to the server like this will help a lot for the job.

Currently this function is in BETA stage and Free so you should create Block Storage now.

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